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Who Is @B0FH?

My real name is Andy, and unfortuntely I have no connection to “BOFH” or Simon Travaglia (Although I am a huge fan of his work, and that of the Bastard himself!).

I currently live in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the UK, with my partner and her daughter (And we also have a sprog on the way, due Summer 2009). I currently work within the IT department of a national IT/Telecoms company, although I am always looking for new oppertunities to expadn my abilities and experiences.

Although many of my hobbies rely on computers (or technology in general), I enjoy my time with the family, from simple things like watching my family grow up, to the horrors of attempting DIY (Note: attempting, not necessarily succeeding!).

Anyone interested in talking, business or pleasure, should use the contact page provided.



This site has been developed for three main reasons:

  1. Create a site that creates a portfolio of my work
  2. Learn additional skills in the use of AJAX
  3. Demonstrate my abilities to hand-code a fully web-standards website, including accessability

My portfolio is available by looking down the left hand side of this site and using the links — each one will give some information on work I have done, and link to it (or an example of it when a site is no longer live)

To test the standards complince of this site, use the two buttons on the bottom of the navigation pane — these will submit the site to the W3C validation engine for XHTML and CSS and display it’s results to you. Accessability options will be added in slowly, starting with print layouts, followed by alternate styles for televisions & projectors, and finally a style suitable for aural user agents.

The AJAX skills are aptly demonstrated by this site — All of the content is stored in a single file! To prove this, turn off stylesheets in your browser — All of the content should degrade gracefully, and as such remain perfectly viewable in your browser.

The tools used to create this site are:

The Mad Gamer

The Mad Gamer was a community-orientated gaming news and reviews site.

It was formed in 2004, and was a well-known name for developers and publishers around the world up until late-2006. Codemasters, Running With Scissors and Introversion (to name a few) all provided materials for review, and on occasion competition prizes for the community.

TMG^Radio was a side project of The Mad Gamer, and continues to this day: Providing music and commentary for gaming events, including competetive play (ClanBase, UKT, ESWC) and casual play (47 Ties Christmas Party 2008).

The tools used to create this site are:

A snapshot of the old website is available, however due to a php upgrade the code is currently unavailable.


Monkehs In Action was a multi-game clan that focused on the community rather than competetive gameplay.

It disbanded in late 2006 temporarily, however many community members still play Steam-based games using the MiA tag, and there is a Steamcommunity group dedicated for Monkehs in Action, which have their own Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead servers for members to play on.

The site has undergone a re-launch in January of 2009, with MeNaCeR and Jamus once again leading the work towards creating a suitable platform for the community to thrive on.

The tools used to create this site are:

A link to the new website is available.

Blacklotus HQ

BlackLotusHQ is an MMO-focussed multi-game community

It was formed in early 2006, and continues to thrive today, having just undergone a major CMS update and new styling.

The tools used to create this site are:

A link to the current website is available.

Competetive Gaming

I actively take part in casual gaming, without perticular focus on any genre — I'm as happy playing Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, or feeding my god-complex building a Sim City, as I am blowing zombies brains out on Left 4 Dead.

I took part in a number of competitions over 2004 and 2005 under the pseudo-name “B0FH”

Competition / Discipline Year Game Position

Electronic Sports World Cup
Real-Time Strategy
2005 Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne 8th (UK)

UK Terrorist
First Person Shooter (Team-Based)
2004 Counter-Strike 1.6 14th (EU)

Electronic Sports World Cup
Real-Time Strategy
2004 Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne 11th (UK)

Building & Breaking

I build and maintain a number of systems for friends, family and local small businesses. As a hobby I push my own machines to their limits through aggressive hardware and software modifications.

I have experience with desktops and servers, including hardware building and maintainence, as well as software installation and configuration (Operating system and applications). This includes specialist items such as SPARC boxes, Proliant PERC controllers and custom-built firewalls.

My lastest machine (That I have just sold) was an overclocked Q6600 chip that ran at 3.6GHz (Stable), along with 4GB ram, 8800GTS-based SLI, and a custom-built watercooling system based on Swiftec H2O-220 kit with a Viper 780i Northbridge/NF200 waterblock, Viper mosfet heatsinks and a custom resevoir and modified radiator system.

I am currently eyeing up a Core i7 based system, with the main debate being how to cool it, and what graphics to power it with...

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The Writings Of A Me...

I have many stories on the go, however the likelyhood of ever finishing one of them is low due to easily getting distracted by other things mid-sentence.

The links below will take you to the sections that I have written — If their worth a comment, please use the feedback form.